Checklist of the birds of the Indian Subcontinent

Common English Name Scientific Name Status IUCN
White-gorgeted Flycatcher Anthipes monileger r LC
Snowy-browed Flycatcher Ficedula hyperythra r LC
Little Pied Flycatcher Ficedula westermanni r LC
Ultramarine Flycatcher Ficedula superciliaris r LC
Slaty-blue Flycatcher Ficedula tricolor r LC
Sapphire Flycatcher Ficedula sapphira r LC
Black-and-orange Flycatcher Ficedula nigrorufa r NT
Verditer Flycatcher Eumyias thalassinus R LC
Nilgiri Flycatcher Eumyias albicaudatus r NT
Dull-blue Flycatcher Eumyias sordidus r NT
Large Niltava Niltava grandis r LC
Small Niltava Niltava macgrigoriae r LC
Rufous-bellied Niltava Niltava sundara r LC
Vivid Niltava Niltava vivida r LC
White-tailed Flycatcher Cyornis concretus r LC
White-bellied Blue Flycatcher Cyornis pallipes r LC
Pale-chinned Flycatcher Cyornis poliogenys r LC
Pale Blue Flycatcher Cyornis unicolor r LC
Blue-throated Blue Flycatcher Cyornis rubeculoides r LC
Hill Blue Flycatcher Cyornis banyumas r LC
Large Blue Flycatcher Cyornis magnirostris s LC
Tickell’s Blue Flycatcher Cyornis tickelliae R LC
Pygmy Blue Flycatcher Muscicapella hodgsoni r LC
European Robin Erithacus rubecula V LC
Common Nightingale Luscinia megarhynchos V LC
Siberian Rubythroat Luscinia calliope w LC
White-tailed Rubythroat Luscinia pectoralis rW LC
Bluethroat Luscinia svecica sW LC
Firethroat Luscinia pectardens V NT
Indian Blue Robin Luscinia brunnea r LC
Siberian Blue Robin Luscinia cyane V LC
Himalayan Bluetail Tarsiger c. rufilatus r LC
Golden Bush Robin Tarsiger chrysaeus r LC
White-browed Bush Robin Tarsiger indicus r LC
Rufous-breasted Bush Robin Tarsiger hyperythrus r LC
Rufous-tailed Scrub Robin Cercotrichas galactotes p LC
Oriental Magpie Robin Copsychus saularis R LC
White-rumped Shama Copsychus malabaricus R LC
Andaman Shama Copsychus m. albiventris r LC
Indian Robin Saxicoloides fulicatus R LC
Eversmann’s Redstart Phoenicurus erythronotus w LC
Blue-capped Redstart Phoenicurus coeruleocephala r LC
Black Redstart Phoenicurus ochruros rW LC
Common Redstart Phoenicurus phoenicurus p LC
Hodgson’s Redstart Phoenicurus hodgsoni w LC
White-throated Redstart Phoenicurus schisticeps r LC
Daurian Redstart Phoenicurus auroreus rw LC
Guldenstadt’s Redstart Phoenicurus erythrogastrus r LC
Blue-fronted Redstart Phoenicurus frontalis r LC
White-capped Water Redstart Chaimarrornis leucocephalus r LC
Plumbeous Water Redstart Rhyacornis fuliginosa r LC
White-bellied Redstart Hodgsonius phaenicuroides r LC
Nilgiri Blue Robin Myiomela major r EN
White-bellied Blue Robin Myiomela albiventris r EN
White-tailed Robin Myiomela leucura r LC
Blue-fronted Robin Cinclidium frontale r LC
Grandala Grandala coelicolor r LC
Little Forktail Enicurus scouleri r LC
Black-backed Forktail Enicurus immaculatus r LC
Slaty-backed Forktail Enicurus schistaceus r LC
White-crowned Forktail Enicurus leschenaulti r LC
Spotted Forktail Enicurus maculatus r LC