White-browed Fantail Flycatcher

Latin Name: 
Rhipidura aureola

Sexes alike, but female slightly duller. Dark brown above; black crown, sides of face; white forehead, broad stripe (brow) to nape; two white-spotted wing-bars, white edges to tail; black centre of throat, sides of breast; white, sides of throat, underbody. Solitary or in pairs; lively bird, flits about tirelessly in low growth and middle levels, fans tail, flicks wings or bursts into a whistling trill; makes short hunting dashes in air; quite tame and confiding.

Forests, orchards, gardens, tree-dotted cultivation.
Most of the country, south of the Himalayan foothills; absent in arid parts of NW.
Call Description: 
Lively whistle of six to eightnotes; grating chuck…chuck …chuckrrr note, usually when disturbed and agitated.
National Status: