Scarlet Minivet

Latin Name: 
Pericrocotus (flammeus) speciosus

Male: glistening black head and upper back; deep scarlet lower back and rump; black and scarlet wings and tail; black throat, scarlet below. Female: rich yellow forehead, supercilium; grey-yellow above; yellow and black wings and tail; bright yellow underbody. Pairs or small parties; sometimes several dozen together; keeps to canopy of tall trees; actively flits about to hunt for insects; also launches aerial sallies after winged insects; often seen in mixed hunting parties of birds; spectacular sight of black, scarlet and yellow as flock flies over forest, especially when seen from above.

forests, gardens, groves.
insects, flower nectar.
disjunct; several isolated races. The recently split Orange Minivet P. flammeus is found south of Gujarat through the W Ghats.
Call Description: 
pleasant, 2-note whistle; also a longer, whistling warble.
National Status: