Oriental Magpie Robin

Latin Name: 
Copsychus saularis

Male: glossy blue-black and white; white wing-patch and white in outer tail distinctive; glossy blue-black throat and breast; white below. Female: rich slaty grey, where male is black. A familiar bird of India. Solitary or in pairs, sometimes with other birds in mixed parties; hops on ground, preferring shaded areas; common about habitation; when perched, often cocks tail; flicks tail often, especially when making short sallies; active at dusk; remarkable songster, very rich voice.

forests, parks, towns.
insects, berries, flower nectar.
subcontinent, up to about 1,500m in outer Himalaya; absent in extreme W Rajasthan.
Call Description: 
one of India’s finest songsters; rich, clear song of varying notes and tones; male sings from exposed perches, most frequently between March and June, intermittently year round; also has harsh churr and chhekh notes; a plaintive sweee… is a common call.
National Status: