widespread resident

Brahminy Kite

Sexes alike. White head, neck, upper back and breast; rest of plumage a rich and rusty-chestnut; brownish abdomen and darker tips to flight feathers visible mostly in flight. Juvenile is brown, like Black Kite, but with rounded tail. Solitary or small scattered parties; loves water; frequently scavenges around lakes and marshes; also around villages and towns.

Red-wattled Lapwing

Sexes alike. Jet black cap, bordered with white ; sandybrown upperbody; black band in white tail; in night, white bar in black wings; black chin, throat;  sandy-brown breast; black band on lower breast; white below; yellow lappets above and in front of eyes and yellow legs diagnostic. Solitary or in pairs, rarely small gatherings; sometimes with the commoner Red-Wattled; as a rule, prefers drier habitat; quiet and unobtrusive; feeds on ground, moving suspiciously

Rock Pigeon

A mid-sized, blue-grey pigeon with darker head and neck and black wing bars, but it interbreeds with domestic pigeons so several colour varieties possible. Basically blue-grey with green-purple sheen across neck. Wings darker and tail black sub-terminal band. Some races have white lower back. Always has two long black bars across wing coverts. Gregarious, mixing with other doves. Feeds in flocks on spilt grain and sprouting cereals. Also in remote rocky places with cliffs and ruins. Nests colonially in cavities and on ledges in buildings and cliffs.

Dusky Eagle Owl

Sexes alike. Pale grey-brown plumage, profusely spotted, streaked and . marked with white, mostly below; dark shaftstripes; prominent ear-tufts and dull yellow eyes diagnostic. Mostly pairs, sometimes three to four scattered; has favoured roost-sites in large, leafy trees; may call and fly during daytime.

Barred Buttonquail

Sexes alike. Female slightly larger. Distinctive white eye; dark brown crown; black speck on white sides of head; back speckled with white, black and brown. Pale buff on wing shoulders seen in flight diagnostic.

Lesser Whistling-duck

A medium-sized duck, mainly orange-brown in colour with scaly pattern on back, large head, thin neck and long legs. Sexes alike. In flight, the large rounded wings look black below and distinct maroon patches are visible on the forewings and rump. Nests in treeholes, abandoned bird nests and reedbeds. A  gregarious bird, frequently seen perching on open tree branches.

Rock Bush Quail

The male is similar to the Jungle but has white underparts heavily barred with black, a rufous stripe above pale eyebrows, vermiculated beige and black  underparts and pale undertail coverts. The female has a plain rufous face, whitish chin and pale supercilium. Habits: Similar to Jungle.

Painted Francolin

A profusely spotted medium-sized game bird. Male has a chestnut head, beige-edged dark brown upperparts with a finely striped black and white rump and tail. Neck and underparts densely spotted with white. Female is similar to the male, but paler on the head. Extremely shy and secretive and not easily flushed.  Rarely flies. Active at twilight or just before dawn.

Asian Palm Swift

A very small, slender swift with long, narrow, sickle-shaped wings and very long deeply-forked tail, which, when folded, looks thin and pointed; dusky brown above, with paler rump; lighter below, esp. on throat; superficially similar in form and appearance to Crested Treeswift, but smaller, more slender, with darker underparts and browner upperparts; tail correspondingly shorter; Very gregarious; sometimes in mixed parties; mostly associated with palmyra and other palms; nests also in thatched roofs.

Black-headed Munia

Sexes alike. Black head, throat, breast, belly centre and thighs; rufouschestnut back, deeper chestnut on rump; white upper belly and sides of underbody. The Chestnut Munia L. m. atricapilla of N and NE India has white of lower parts replaced by chestnut. Gregarious, except when breeding, as in other munias; prefers reed beds and cultivation, especially where flooded; during breeding season (rains), often seen along with Streaked Weaver; feeds on ground.