Grey-headed Canary Flycatcher

Latin Name: 
Culicicapa ceylonensis

Sexes alike. Ashy-grey head, throat and breast; darker crown; yellow-green back and yellow rump; yellow in browner wings and tail; yellow below breast. Solitary or in pairs, occasionally several in vicinity, especially in mixed parties; a forest bird, typical flycatcher, excitedly flitting about, launching aerial sallies and generally on the move; wherever this bird is, its cheerful unmistakable calls are heard.

Forests, gardens, orchards
Commonly breeds in the Himalaya, 1,500–3,000m; possibly in some of the hill forests of C India and E Ghats; common in winter over much of the subcontinent.
Call Description: 
Vocal; high-pitched 2- or 3- syllabled calls, whi…chichee…whi…chichee; longer, trilling song; also chattering notes.
National Status: