Black-headed Cuckooshrike

Latin Name: 
Coracina melanoptera

Male: grey plumage; black head, wings, tail, the latter white-tipped, except on middle feathers; pale grey below breast, whiter on abdomen, vent. Female: brown plumage; whitish-buff below barred dark-brown till abdomen; lacks black head. Solitary or in pairs, only occasionally several together; often part of mixed-hunting bands; keep for most part to leafy, upper branches, probes the foliage for insects; methodically checks foliage before flying off.

Forests, gardens, groves.
All India east and south of line from Mt. Abu to W Uttar Pradesh; a Himalayan race is found in parts of Punjab, Himachal and hill regions of Uttar Pradesh, to about 2000m. Undergoes considerable seasonal migration.
Call Description: 
Silent for most of year; breeding male has whistling song, up to a dozen notes, frequently uttered.
National Status: