Least Concern

Yellow Bittern

A small heron very similar to the Little but with a beige-brown back, black flight feathers, tail and crown that act as a contrast to the buff body. Rear neck is darker, and foreneck whiter with faint streaking. Female and immature have more rufous coloured streaking.

Striated Heron

Sexes alike. A grey, black and dark metallic green heron. Slaty-grey above, with a glossy green wash; white cheeks; very dark green forehead, crown, longish crest; grey head, neck; glossy green, grey and white in wings; white chin, centre of throat; ashy-grey below. Solitary, shy and sluggish; mostly crepuscular and nocturnal; sits patiently near water.

Red-necked Falcon

Sexes alike; female larger. Blue-grey above; chestnut sides of head, crown, nape, cheekstripe diagnostic; wings pointed, outer flight feathers blackish, closely barred with white on inner webs; black-barred grey tail with narrow black bars has a broad, black terminal band edged with white; white below; lightly streaked breast, barred below. Pairs, usually hunt in concert; straight and strong flight.

Crested Hawk Eagle

Sexes alike, but female larger. Large, slender, crested forest eagle. Brown above; white underbody longitudinally streaked all over with brown; prominent occipital crest; the streaked whitish body, broad wings and long, rounded tail distinctive in flight. Solitary; occasionally a pair circles high over forests, especially when breeding; surveys for prey from high, leafy branches near forest clearings.

Tawny Eagle

Sexes alike, female slightly larger. Variable plumage; adults usually dark brown, with faint pale barrings on short rounded tail; holds tail straight and level with body when in flight; lacks dull white rump of most Spotted Eagles. Difficult to distinguish; solitary or several scattered; sits on ground for long periods eating
carrion or offal; lazy, low flight.

Long-legged Buzzard

A medium-sized, long-winged raptor, usually with an unbarred orange tail. Streaked sandy-brown overall. Larger and paler than Common, particularly on head and breast which contrast with darker reddish-brown belly. Very prominent black carpal patches, trailing edges and wingtips contrast with white, lightly barred flight feathers. Long bare yellow legs. Looks rangy in flight.

Montagu’s Harrier

Slender, medium-sized raptor, with dark grey head, breast, back and inner wing; a lighter grey on rest of wing and tail with black wing tips and narrow white rump. Black secondary bar and chestnut streaking on belly and underwing. Similar Pallid is pale grey with slim black wing-tips; larger Hen is grey with broad black wingtips. Females and immatures of all three are streaked brown and have owl-like faces and white rumps.

Short-toed Snake Eagle

A bulky raptor that is usually rather pale below; variable but most have closely barred, white underparts and underwings and a barred, squareended tail. No carpal patches and head to upper breast are often brown as upperparts. Large owl-like head, very evident yellow irises and grey legs. Some individuals even paler. Sexes alike.

Brahminy Kite

Sexes alike. White head, neck, upper back and breast; rest of plumage a rich and rusty-chestnut; brownish abdomen and darker tips to flight feathers visible mostly in flight. Juvenile is brown, like Black Kite, but with rounded tail. Solitary or small scattered parties; loves water; frequently scavenges around lakes and marshes; also around villages and towns.


Sexes alike; female larger. Dark brown above; some white on head; white below; brown breast ‘necklace’, seen at rest and in flight; in overhead flight, white  body with breast band, long, narrow black tipped, barred wings with black carpal (wrist) patches. Young birds have upper body marked white. Solitary or in scattered pairs; mostly around water; perches on a stake or tree top; circles over water; hovers characteristically; dives with feet dangling; often splashes into water; carries fish on to perch.