Least Concern

Grey Francolin

Sexes alike. Grey-brown and rufous above, barred and blotched; buffy-rufous below; narrow cross-bars on throat and upper breast; fine black markings on abdomen and flanks; black loop around throat encloses bright rufous-yellow throat; female smaller, with indistinct spur. Small parties, digging and moving amidst scrub and grass; seen on country roads, dust bathing or feeding; quick to take to cover on being alarmed, scattering over the area.

Indian Peafowl

Glistening blue neck and breast; wire-like crest and very long tail distinctive. Female  lacks blue neck and breast; browner plumage; lacks the long train. Familiar bird of India; solitary or in small parties, several feales with one or more males; waryin the forested parts, rather tame and confiding in many parts of W
and C India around human habitation; ever-alert, gifted with keen eyesight and hearing. National bird of India. Tail feathers often illegally sold to tourists

Common Teal

Male: greyish with chestnut head with broad metallic-green band from eye to nape with yellow-white border. Black, green and buff wing speculum. Female:
mottled dark and light brown; pale belly and black and green wing speculum. Most common migratory duck. Swift flier and difficult to circumvent.


Dull, largely grey-brown duck. Male has finely speckled grey head, heavier speckled grey breast, dark grey bill, grey-brown upper body, white belly, black rear; white speculum in both sexes diagnostic. Female has buff-brown head, orange-sided grey bill, mottled and scalloped brown body. Eclipse male similar to female, but paler grey and less mottled. Gregarious, but shy; sometimes in small mixed flocks; surface feeder, often up-ending.


Ashy-grey above; whitish below, close-barred with rust-brown; grey throat-stripe; in flight, the multi-banded tail and roundish wings help identification; golden-yellow eyes and yellow legs and feet seen at close range. The migrant Eurasian Sparrowhawk A. nisus is very similar but a closer look reveals the longer legs,  rufous cheek-patch and absence of mesial stripe in nisus. Usually solitary; hides in leafy branches; pounces on unsuspecting prey; occasionally chases small birds; soars over forest.