Little Ringed Plover

Sexes alike. Sandy-brown above; white forehead; black bands on head and breast and white neck-ring diagnostic; white chin and throat; lack of wing bar in flight and yellow legs and ring around eye additional clues. Small numbers, often along with other shorebirds; runs on ground, on mud and drying jheels, walks with characteristic bobbing gait, picking food from ground; when approached close, flies rapidly, low over ground, zigzag flight accompanied by a whistling note.

Pied Avocet

Sexes alike. Black and white plumage, long, bluish legs and long, slender upcurved beak diagnostic. In flight, the long legs extend much beyond the tail. Usually gregarious, only sometimes 2 to 3 birds scattered over waterbody; frequently enters shallow water; characteristic sideways movement of head when
feeding, the head bent low as upcurved beak sweeps along bottom mud; also swims and up-ends, duck-like.