Taiga Flycatcher

Latin Name: 
Ficedula albicilla

Generally creamy or greyish-white below, but older males have orange throat patch. Male also has greyer head and neck,  white eye-rings, small bill. White basal patches on black tail. Eastern race F. p. abicilla has black bill and rump, older males have large rounded grey throat patches.

Inhabits open wooded country, groves, parks and gardens. Feeds on insects at middle levels, on ground and in air. Perches with high cocked tail and drooped wings. Active but often rather shy. Best located by calls.
Common winter visitor throughout most of India, Nepal and Bangladesh. Passage migrant only in Pakistan. Rare in Sri Lanka and extreme south India.
Call Description: 
Noisy. A trilled trrr and hard tik…tik.
National Status: