River Lapwing

Latin Name: 
Vanellus duvaucelii

Sexes alike. Black forehead, crown, crest drooping over back; sandy greybrown above; black and white wings; black chin and throat, bordered white; grey-brown breast-band; white below with black patch on belly; black spur at bend of wing. Usually pairs in close vicinity; may collect into small parties during winter, sometimes with other waders; makes short dashes or feeds at water’s edge; often remains in hunched posture, when not easy to spot; slow flight; often swims and dives.

stony river beds, sandbanks; sometimes collects around jheels in winter.
crustaceans, insects, small frogs.
breeds in parts of E and C India, including Orissa, Andhra Pradesh and eastern Madhya Pradesh; may disperse in winter.
Call Description: 
rather like that of Red-wattled Lapwing, only a bit softer and less shrill; also a sharp deed…did…did…
National Status: