Red-rumped Swallow

Latin Name: 
Cecropis daurica

Sexes alike. Glossy steel-blue above; chestnut supercilium, sides of head, neck-collar and rump; dull rufous-white below, streaked brown; deeply forked tail
diagnostic. Small parties spend much of the day on the wing; the migrant, winter-visiting race nipalensis, is highly gregarious; hawks insects along with other birds; freely perches on overhead wires, thin branches of bushes and trees; hunts insects amongst the most crowded areas of towns, over markets and refuse heaps, flying with amazing agility, wheeling and banking and stooping with remarkable mastery.

cultivation, vicinity of human habitation, town centres, rocky hilly areas.mournful chirping note; pleasant twittering song of breeding male
insects caught on the wing.
6 races over the subcontinent, including Sri Lanka; resident and migratory.
Call Description: 
mournful chirping note; pleasant twittering song of breeding male.