Dark-throated Thrush

Latin Name: 
Turdus ruficollis

Characterised by even grey upperparts and wings with reddish-orange on sides of tail, which very noticeable in flight--from below the undertail can look completely orange. Adult male has red supercilium, throat and breast, grey upperparts, and whitish underparts. Female is similar to male, but has a white or buffish throat and blackstreaked malar stripe, and red of breast is a gorget of spotting. First-winter has white tips to greater coverts and pale-fringed tertials. First-winter male resembles adult female. First-winter female is less heavily marked, and has finely streaked breast and flanks; usually shows rufous wash to supercilium and throat and/or breast.

Forest, forest edges, cultivation and pastures with scattered trees.
Winter visitor. Himalayas and NE India.
Call Description: 
Calls include a thin see and a hard tack…tack.
National Status: