Common Starling

Latin Name: 
Sturnus vulgaris

Glossy black plumage, with iridescent purple and green; plumage spotted with buff and white; hackled feathers on head, neck and breast; yellowish beak and red-brown legs. Summer (breeding) plumage mostly blackish. Several races winter in N India, with head purple or bronze-green, but field identification of races  not very easy in winter. Gregarious, restless birds; feeds on ground, moving hurriedly, digging with beak in soil; entire flock may often take off from ground; flies around erratically or circles, but soon settles on trees or returns to ground.

Meadows, orchards, vicinity of habitation, open, fallow land.
The race indicus breeds in Kashmir to about 2,000m; this and three other races winter over NW and N India, occasionally straying south to Gujarat; quite common in parts of N India in winter.
Call Description: 
Mix of squeaking, clicking notes; other chuckling calls.