Common Redshank

Latin Name: 
Tringa totanus

Sexes alike. Grey-brown above; whitish below, faintly marked about breast; white rump, broad band along trailing edge of wings; orange-red legs and base of beak. In summer, browner above, marked black and fulvous, and more heavily streaked below. The Spotted Redshank T. erythropus is very similar but has red at base of only the lower mandible. Small flocks, often with other waders; makes short dashes, probing and jabbing deep in mud; may also enter water, with long legs completely submerged; a rather alert and suspicious bird.

marshes, creeks, estuaries.
aquatic insects, crustaceans, molluscs.
breeds in Kashmir, Ladakh; winter visitor all over India; fairly common.
Call Description: 
quite musical, fairly loud and shrill tleu…ewh…ewh, mostly in flight; very similar to Common Greenshank’s call, but more shrill and high pitched.