Brown-capped Pygmy Woodpecker

Latin Name: 
Dendrocopos nanus

Small woodpecker. Male: barred brown and white above; paler crown with short, scarlet streak (occipital); prominent white band from just above eyes extends to neck; pale dirty-brown-white below, streaked black. Female: like male but lacks the scarlet streaks on sides of crown. The male Grey-capped Pygmy Woodpecker D. canicapillus (14cm) of the Himalaya has short scarlet occipital crest; black upper back and white-barred lower back and rump. Mostly in pairs; often a part of mixed bird parties in forest; seen more on smaller trees, branches and twigs, close to ground and also high in canopy; quite active.

light forests, cultivation, bamboos, orchards; also vicinity of habitation.
small insects, grubs, obtained from crevices and under bark; also small berries.
almost all over India, including some of the drier regions of N India.
Call Description: 
faint but shrill squeak, sounds like clicck…rrr.
National Status: