Asian Paradise-flycatcher

Latin Name: 
Terpsiphone paradisi
50cm including tail-streamers

Glossy blue-black head, crest and throat; black in wings; silvery-white body, long tail-streamers. In rufous phase white parts replaced by rufous chestnut. Female and young male: 20cm. No tail-streamers; shorter crest; rufous above; ashy-grey throat and nuchal collar; whitish below. Solitary or pairs; makes short sallies; flits through trees, the tail-streamers floating; strictly arboreal, sometimes descending into taller bushes; cheerful disposition.

light forests, gardens, open country.
insects, spiders
Himalaya, foothills to about 1,800m, rarely 2,500m; N India, south to Bharatpur; absent in a broad belt across Gangetic plain; widespread in peninsular India.
Call Description: 
sharp, grating chwae or chchwae… call; melodious warbling song and display of breeding male.
National Status: