Greenish Warbler

A small, green, slim, arboreal warbler with brown legs. Dull greenish above and whitish below. Prominent long, sweeping supercilia. Usually only one wing bar shows. Sexes alike. Feeds on invertebrates, mainly in the canopy but also lower down. Active and restless. Frequently fly-catches. Usually in scattered parties or mixed hunting groups. Nests low down.

Lesser Whitethroat

Greyish with dark cheek patches; grey head, brown mantle and wings; short brown tail with white outer tail feathers; throat white, breast and belly greyer; flanks brownish. Recently split Small or Desert Lesser Whitethroat is smaller and paler. Often in loose groups. Horizontal carriage. Confident direct flight. Rather shy.

Blyth’s Reed Warbler

Plain, olive or grey-brown warbler, with the long, sloping forehead and ‘linear’ look of the typical Acrocephalus warbler; short, diffuse buff-brown supercilium, not very visible behind eye; fresh plumage is olive brown above, pale below, with buff washed flanks, breast, vent; worn plumage is olive grey above, whiter below,
with grey wash; usually solitary; moves inconspicuously through undergrowth, bushes and trees; often flicks, flares tail.