Black-necked Stork

A very big, erect stork with red legs and a strong upturned black bill. Overall white with a glossy greenishblack head, neck and tail and white wings slashed with a dramatic black bar. Sexes alike, but males have dark irises while the females are yellow. Flies with long neck and legs outstretched.

Asian Openbill

A huge but rather stocky black-and-white waterbird with a long pinkish-grey bill that is permanently open; both mandibles are curved to leave the distinctive ‘nutcracker’ gap. Mostly white in colour with glossy black flight feathers and tail and reddish legs. Non-breeding plumage has a smokygrey wash. Sexes alike.

Woolly-necked Stork

Sexes alike. A large black and white stork with red legs; glossy black crown, back and breast and huge wings, the black parts having a distinct purplish-green sheen; white neck, lower abdomen and under tail-coverts; long, stout bill black, occasionally tinged crimson. In young birds, the glossy black is replaced by dark brown. Solitary or in small scattered parties, feeding along with other storks, ibises and egrets; stalks on dry land too; settles on trees.

Painted Stork

Sexes alike. White plumage; blackish-green and white wings; blackish-green breast-band and black tail; rich rosy-pink wash on greater wing-coverts; large, slightly curved orangish-yellow bill. Young: pale dirty brown, the neck feathers edged darker; lacks breast-band. Common and gregarious; feeds with beak partly submerged, ready to grab prey; when not feeding, settles hunched up outside water; regularly soars high on thermals.