Spot-billed Pelican

Sexes alike. Whitish plumage sullied with grey-brown; pink on lower back, rump and flanks; whitetipped brown crest on back of head; black primaries and
dark brown secondaries distinctive in flight; flesh coloured gular pouch has a bluish-purple wash; at close range the blue spots on upper mandible and on gular pouch confirm identity of species. Purely aquatic; seen singly as well as in large gatherings, driving the fish into shallow waters before scooping up the prey in the gular pouches.

Great White Pelican

Sexes alike but female slightly smaller. Rosetinged white plumage; pink feet and yellowish tuft on breast; black primaries and underside of secondaries; forehead feathers continue in pointed wedge above bill. Purely aquatic, huge numbers gathering to feed together; rarely settles on land; strong flier, flocks often flying to great heights.