Rose-ringed Parakeet

Male: grass-green plumage; short, hooked, red beak; rosy-pink and black collar distinctive (obtained only during third year). Female: lacks the pink-and-black
collar; instead, pale emerald-green around neck. Gregarious; large flocks of this species are a familiar sight in India; causes extensive damage to standing crops, orchards and garden fruit trees; also raids grain depots and markets; large roosting colonies, often along with mynas and crows.

Plum-headed Parakeet

Male: yellowish-green plumage; plum-red head; black and bluish-green collar; maroon-red wing shoulder-patch; white tips to central tail feathers distinctive.
Female: dull, greyer head; yellow collar; almost non-existent maroon shoulder-patch. Pairs or small parties; arboreal, but descends into cultivation in forest clearings and outskirts; sometimes huge gatherings in cultivation; strong, darting flight over forest.

Alexandrine Parakeet

Male: rich grass-green plumage; hooked, heavy red beak; deep red shoulder-patch; rose-pink collar and black stripe from lower mandible to collar distinctive. Female: smaller and lacks the collar and black stripe. Yellow under tail in both sexes. Both small flocks and large gatherings; feeds on fruiting trees in orchards and on standing crops, often causing extensive damage; strong flier; roosts along with other birds at favoured sites.