Black-hooded Oriole

Sexes alike. Golden-yellow plumage; black head diagnostic; black and yellow wings and tail; deep pink-red beak seen at close quarters. Pairs or small parties; strictly arboreal, only rarely descending into lower bushes or to ground; active and lively; moves a lot in forest and birds chase one another, the rich colours striking against green or brown of forest; very vocal; associates with other birds in mixed parties; visits fruiting and flowering trees.

Indian Golden Oriole

Male: bright golden-yellow plumage; black stripe through eye; black wings and centre of tail. Female: yellow-green above; brownish-green wings; dirty-white below, streaked brown. Young male much like female. Solitary or in pairs; arboreal, sometimes moving with other birds in upper branches; regularly visits fruiting and flowering trees; hunts insects in leafy branches; usually heard, surprisingly not often seen, despite bright colour; seen only when it emerges on bare branch or flies across.