Iora, Woodshrike

Common Woodshrike

Sexes alike. Greyish-brown plumage; broad whitish supercilium and dark stripe below eye distinctive; white outer tail feathers seen when bird flies. Dark stripe
may be slightly paler in female. Pairs or small parties; quiet for greater part of year, vocal when breeding (February–May); keeps to middle levels of trees,  hopping about, sometimes coming to ground.

Common Iora

Male: greenish above (rich black above, with yellowish rump, in summer breeding plumage); black wings and tail; two white wing-bars; bright yellow  underbody. Female: yellow-green plumage; white wingbars; greenish-brown wings. Pairs keep to leafy branches, often with other small birds; moves energetically amidst branches in hunt for insects, caterpillars; rich call notes often a giveaway of its presence in an area.