Pale-billed Flowerpecker

Sexes alike. Olive-brown above; unmarked greywhite below; pinkish-flesh and yellow-brown beak seen only at close range or in good light. Solitary or two to three birds in canopy; frequents parasitic Loranthus and Viscum; flits from clump to clump; strictly arboreal, restless; territorial even when feeding.

Thick-billed Flowerpecker

Sexes alike. Olive-grey above, greener on rump; white-tipped tail; dull whitishgrey below, streaked brown, more on breast; orange-red eyes and thick, blue-grey beak seen at close range. Solitary or in pairs in canopy foliage; arboreal, restless; flicks tail often as it hunts under leaves or along branches; frequents parasitic clumps of Loranthus and Viscum.