Himalayan Bulbul

Sexes alike. Brown head, a front-pointed crest and a short, white superciliary stripe. Black around eyes and on chin and throat. Pairs or small parties; active
birds on the move, attracting attention by their pleasant calls; the Himalayan bird is common in the hills, where it is quite confiding.

Red-vented Bulbul

Sexes alike. Dark sootybrown plumage; pale edges of feathers on back and breast give scaly appearance; darker head, with slight crest; almost black on throat; white rump and red vent distinctive; dark tail tipped white. Pairs or small flocks, but large numbers gather to feed; arboreal, keeps to middle levels of trees and bushes; a well known Indian bird, rather attached to man’s neighbourhood; pleasantly noisy and cheerful, lively and quarrelsome; indulges in dust-bathing; also hunts flycatcher-style.

Red-whiskered Bulbul

Sexes alike. Brown above, slightly darker on wings and tail; black perky crest distinctive; crimson ‘whiskers’ behind eyes; white underbody with broken breast-collar; crimsonscarlet vent. Sociable; pairs or small flocks, occasionally gatherings of up to 100 birds; lively and energetic; feeds in canopy, low bush and onground; enliven its surroundings with cheerful whistling notes; tame and confiding in some areas.