Indian Peafowl

Latin Name: 
Pavo cristatus
110cm including full tail , Female: 85cm

Glistening blue neck and breast; wire-like crest and very long tail distinctive. Female  lacks blue neck and breast; browner plumage; lacks the long train. Familiar bird of India; solitary or in small parties, several feales with one or more males; waryin the forested parts, rather tame and confiding in many parts of W
and C India around human habitation; ever-alert, gifted with keen eyesight and hearing. National bird of India. Tail feathers often illegally sold to tourists

forest, neighbourhood of villages and cultivated country.
seeds, berries, shoots and tubers, insects, lizards, small snakes, worms.
ll subcontinent bar Pakistan, up to about 2,000 m in Himalayas.
Call Description: 
loud may-yow calls at dawn and dusk; also loud nasal calls and cackles; very noisy during the rains, when breeding.
National Status: